A Terrible Show for Terrible People

Bonnie He stars in A Terrible Show for Terrible People as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Bonnie He is terrible in all the greatest ways and her latest one woman, two-word clown show is terrible for all the right reasons. She approaches the form tenderly and follows by a packed punch. A Terrible Show for Terrible People is rife with raunchy sweetness and gross sincerity and He is only too happy to oblige.

He’s performance unabashedly celebrates and elevates her own uniqueness; her fantastically warped sense of humor is fun and lighthearted. She has no problem letting the audience digest her specific brand of comedy, as uncomfortable as it may be. She fists flowers. She licks the toilet bowl. She has quite the entangled relationship with a pickle. All outrageous and, thanks to He’s sincerity, perfectly acceptable.

There’s a lot of audience interaction throughout the evening and all in good fun. He takes care of her unwitting (though never unwilling) partners, even when she’s performing a labor/ nearly postpartum lap dance. He’s at her funniest when she’s receiving the audience response completely, allowing letting them become the comedians through their unplanned reactions, which she does with relative ease. Her first moments onstage are her strongest because she’s at most vulnerable while allowing the audience truly see her. This is before the toilet licking and pickle fucking, of course. She’s funny and endearing regardless.

He keeps the technical elements simple in classic (and necessary) Fringe fashion. Her costume is clever; at one point she pairs a bra and panties over a black body suit to great comedic effect. The show does rely heavily on props but the performance isn’t weighted down by the common pitfall of too much stuff onstage.

Bonnie He may only speak two full words during the evening but she isn’t short on expression – or connection. A Terrible Show for Terrible People is raunchy, sick, stupid and sweetly silly. That doesn’t sound so terrible to me.

This award-winning show was a part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival with a final encore performance on July 17th.

For more information, please visit: https://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/6450

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