From 0 to 25

Hector Zapata and Zachary Hart star in From 0 to 25 at Howard Fine Studios.

It starts with a hookup and a secret. Typical. From 0 to 25, written by Hector Zapata, explores the complexity of dating, hooking up and love relationships. 

Uziel has a secret, one that took him years come to terms with himself. While he’s confident with who he is in life, a would-be hookup helps him to reflect on past relationships in order to learn more about himself. But Uziel has done this many times before. Will #25 will be different?

Zachary Hart does the heavy lifting by playing several of Uziel’s past lovers; 2, 10, 24 and 25 respectively. Hart finds clear physical distinction between each and is certainly the highlight of the evening. Hector Zapata’s Uziel is sweet but conflicted. Zapata’s emotional expression is bound at times which restricts his freedom of physical expression.

Dan Lovato’s direction uses efficient transitions that are largely dependent on the actors to specify, which they do. They use the space effectively, helping the actors to find emotional expression through physical contact. Sound design, also by Lovato, adds much to the story by identifying the environment, though the actors sometimes compete to be heard.

There are some logistical discrepancies throughout the play which muddy the effectiveness of jumping backward and forward through time. The dialogue is often weighted down by exposition rather than present conflict. Zapata periodically finds elegance and prose within the dialogue.

Love is always available and comes in all shapes, sizes and personas. From 0 to 25 has a healthy perspective of who, exactly is worthy of love.

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